Worship at St. Luke is rich and varied. Given the many styles of worship present in today's church, it's hard to know what to expect from one congregation to the next. At St. Luke we have worked very hard to design three separate worship experiences that fit the needs and lifestyles of our members. All three worship services each week-end are unique expressions of faith. They do, however, have one important thing in common ­ each worship service during a sabbath week-end includes the Sacrament of Holy Communion. God's personal gift of bread and wine ­ body and blood ­ cannot be ignored. It is the most personal way we are touched by God's own presence. You are invited to visit all three services of worship to determine which one is most meaningful to you. And, you may just find that each of our three worship expressions will meet your needs at some time during the year.

Sunday-Early 8:15am

Contemplative liturgy with one or two classic hymns.

Please note this service is currently postponed.

Sunday-Late 10:30 am

Classic liturgy with music led by a pipe organ and choir.

Saturday 5:00 pm

Informal liturgy with hymns led by an instrumental ensemble.

Sacrament of Holy Communion Offered at all Worship Services